Protypia logo

Protypia, LLC advances the development of immunooncology (IO) therapeutics with quantitative, multiplexed protein analysis platforms. New IO therapeutics have dramatically improved outcomes across many cancers, but the complexity of the tumor-immune interface remains a barrier to development of successful, individualized therapies. Protypia technology defines proteotypes, which represent druggable phenotypes in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. IO proteotypes enable systematic design and optimization of combination therapies, evaluation of disease models and design of successful clinical trials.

Ion-Biosciences logo

Ion Biosciences designs, develops and markets fluorescent dye-based indicators for basic and drug discovery research applications. Fluorescence-based indicators of bio-relevant ions are a particular specialty. Currently we produce fluorescence-based ion indicators for calcium, potassium, sodium, thallium and protons.


IQuity, Inc. is a data science company using genomic and proprietary healthcare datasets to improve chronic disease outcomes and lower the overall costs of managing these illnesses. They accomplish this by giving healthcare stakeholders information that allows them to make informed healthcare decisions early in the disease’s progression. IQuity’s technology was first used to analyze genomic data (RNA) in blood to accurately identify autoimmune diseases much earlier than is possible with current, conventional testing methodologies. Use of this technology was expanded to analyze health care data of broad populations in order to predict and monitor chronic diseases. The resulting data drives enhanced management of patients served by selfinsured employers, payers and care management companies.

Biopredic International

Biopredic serves both academic and industrial scientists in the fields of drug development, drug discovery, and research on cosmetics and chemicals. Biopredic isolates, produces, and distributes biological products including fresh and frozen human and animal tissues, primary cells, cell lines, and other reagents.

Edwards Macromolecular Therapeutics

Edwards Macromolecular Therapeutics Edwards Macromolecular Therapeutics is an early-stage startup working on highly directed tools for cancer detection and therapy.

Veros Law Group

Veros Law Group Lab is dedicated to ensuring that product claims are truthful and valid so that consumers can be sure that they are getting what they pay for.  Our testing facility, located at the Cumberland Emerging Technologies Center, uses cutting-edge analytical tools to verify these claims and confirm that items are what the people selling them say they are. 


Advansta accelerates life science research by developing and supplying novel protein characterization tools that offer superior performance, simplicity, and convenience. Their mission is to be the leading developer and supplier of products for protein characterization.

Yaya Scientific

Yaya Scientific | We develop innovative diagnostic, therapeutic, and integrated hardware solutions for biomedical problems.

Cumberland Emerging Technologies, Inc.

Cumberland Emerging Technologies, Inc. (CET) is a development partner for accelerating innovation of early-stage biomedical technologies conceived within academic and other research organizations. CET establishes academic-industry partnerships and functions as a proof-of-concept center for promising technologies and drug candidates. CET leads development activities through the investigational new drug (IND) application and beyond, including outlicense support, to bring biomedical technologies from research laboratories into the commercial marketplace.

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CPI) develops and commercializes prescription pharmaceutical products for underserved physician segments. The company’s primary target markets are hospital acute care and gastroenterology. Cumberland focuses primarily on late-stage development projects and through its subsidiary, CET evaluates promising earlier-stage products candidates. The company’s formulation laboratory at the Life Sciences Center develops and analyzes products for both Cumberland Pharmaceuticals and CET.