A Strong Foundation

CET was established in 2000 and is a joint initiative between Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc., Vanderbilt University, Launch Tennessee, and WinHealth Pharmaceuticals. CET is a technology development company with dual missions to advance the development of innovative biomedical technologies and stimulate business growth and economic development within Tennessee, locally and regionally. The missions serve a common goal to bring new biomedical products into the commercial marketplace. Technology development is achieved through forming development partnerships, providing a business infrastructure designed for early stage biomedical companies, and harnessing appropriate resources in the corporate, academic, governmental and non-profit sectors.

Tennessee and the Mid-South are home to world-class research institutions, thriving healthcare industries and strong entrepreneurial spirits. CET has established a strong business infrastructure with corporate headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Working with its partners and advisors, CET fosters the creation, growth, retention and commercial success of new life science technologies and companies at its Life Sciences Center. CET also creates productive development partnerships as a means to pave commercial pathways for innovative scientific discoveries and build the bio-pharmaceutical industry in our region.

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. supports management at CET. A savvy team of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry veterans offers broad expertise in U.S. and international biomedical product development and commercialization.

Vanderbilt University is notable for its research infrastructure, world-class faculty and expertise in discovery research, translational research and development, intellectual property creation and management, and financing new technology-based companies.

Launch Tennessee (formerly Tennessee Technology Development Corporation or TTDC) works to advance innovation-driven economic development, with a focus on research and development, entrepreneurial support and venture capital formation.

Gloria Pharmaceuticals focuses on the research, development, and commercialization of injectable drugs in a variety of categories including antibiotics, medical nutrition, orthopedics, rheumatology, oncology, gastroenterology and cardiovascular medicine. Established in 2000, the Company is based in Beijing, China, and primarily sells its products throughout China’s hospital market.

CET Board of Directors includes representatives from CET senior management, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals’ Board of Directors and Vanderbilt University.

CET Scientific Advisory Board members include leading inventor scientists, principal research investigators and physician scientists affiliated with competitive biomedical research centers in the Mid-South region. The board provides valuable insight into project feasibility, commercial potential, marketplace needs and product development strategies.

CET Life Sciences Center Advisory Board members include officials from three major sectors: economic development, academia and industry. The board is charged with continually improving the Life Sciences Center facilities, resources and tenant services.