The CET Life Sciences Center is a life sciences incubator facility with a business infrastructure designed for early stage biomedical companies. We offer flexible laboratory space with offices and opportunities for custom build-outs, shared spaces, shared laboratory equipment and a host of business services and amenities. Our business incubation experts offer tenant companies valuable insight on developing business plans and strategies for marketing and financing. We provide a supportive environment and tailor resources to fit the needs of entrepreneurs working in the life sciences. CET is a home to start and grow businesses and translate innovative ideas into commercial products.

The Life Sciences Center is located conveniently near downtown Nashville at 10th Ave and Broadway, a site landmarked by the historic Union Station Hotel and Frist Center for the Visual Arts. The Vanderbilt University campus is within two miles distance, making the Life Sciences Center ideal for university-based start-up companies. Tenants have easy access to campus colleagues and resources while working off-campus to commercialize their technologies.

Access to the Life Sciences Center is secured 24/7, and the on-site parking is gated. We are housed in the Gateway to Nashville Pavilion, adjacent to the Union Station Hotel. The Pavilion provides a vast community of resources including the on-site network of peer companies that call the Life Sciences Center home. The Pavilion and neighboring Cummins Station collectively house numerous companies that provide support services for the smaller firm. Restaurants, retail shops and downtown venues are also within short walking distances. The downtown trolley is accessible within one block.