About CET

Cumberland Emerging Technologies offers services tailored to inventor scientists seeking a corporate partner to assist in developing their biomedical technologies, as well as life sciences companies seeking facilities in which to locate their headquarters, grow their businesses and develop their technologies.

Development Partnerships // CET evaluates promising, early stage biomedical technologies offered by researchers, universities and entrepreneurs who seek a corporate partner to assist in developing and commercializing their product candidates. Partnership agreements are created around technologies having robust scientific feasibility, commercial potential and strategic fit with CET’s project portfolio comprised mainly of new drug candidates. Development activities may begin with collaborative research studies to generate proof-of-concept for the technology in a relevant animal model and preformulation work. This scenario is typical for very early stage technologies arising from discovery research programs. For more advanced technologies in later stages of nonclinical development, joint activities focus on steps in the critical path to achieve regulatory approval for first-in-humans studies. CET creates product & regulatory development plans appropriate for each product and indication and builds marketing strategies for product commercialization.

CET Life Sciences Center // CET’s life sciences incubator facility is located near downtown Nashville. Services available to small business tenants include leasable wet and dry laboratories with office space and access to critical shared resources, including laboratory equipment in shared laboratory space. Business support services are tailored to the needs of life sciences firms working in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics.