Services and Amenities

In addition to providing a home for your life sciences business, our services and resources create a business environment that fosters productive connections with other players in the biotechnology community. Life Sciences Center tenants may take advantage of the following opportunities.

Strategy and Business Planning // Our business incubation experts can provide valuable insight on business plan development, financing and marketing strategies and other issues affecting young life sciences companies.

Small Business Grant Proposal Assistance // Many of our tenants are eligible for federal small business grants and contracts programs. We have a proven track record in securing grant funding, and our experts can assist with proposal preparation and submission to ensure tenants put their best foot forward.

Library Access // The Walker Management Library is available to support research and business planning efforts, located within the nearby Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University.

Collaboration Opportunities // We believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnering. Our tenants have access to far-reaching networks of resources in addition to new opportunities to present their business models and gain exposure for their companies.

Seminars and Networking Events// We create opportunities for tenants to participate in seminars and panel discussions that can add value to their businesses. We match tenant needs with relevant events that serve dually as meaningful networking forums.

Media Exposure // We are proud of the work our tenants are doing and will announce major accomplishments through press releases.

Employee Benefits Program // We offer access to a group health plan and full range of benefits for employees of tenant companies. Utilizing services of an outside Professional Services Organization helps control costs and save time.

Purchasing Discounts // We work with affiliates such as BIO and other networks to increase the purchasing power of tenants who are members of Life Sciences TN (